Casper black

Garrett Casting is excited to announce that we are setting up a new strand of our business,

‘Relate Casting’ a department concentrating solely on real people / street casting. Heading up this exciting new part of the Garrett Family will be Casper Black, a seasoned TV and documentary film casting expert who has over a decade’s experience casting Factual television, much loved entertainment formats as well as high profile documentary films.

Where Casper’s experience sets us and Relate Casting apart is that she has an innate ability to find authentic, new, relatable faces for any project, glossy or gritty. We will never be diving into a black book of numbers and delivering repeat faces, as is so often done- with Relate Casting every search is completely fresh, and we do that search to fit your brief and vision. With a demonstrable record for casting big ad campaigns as well as TV you are sure to get exactly what you are looking for and so much more.

Casper’s skillset and hugely varied experience allows her to not only find stand out characters which enhance the narrative of any project, but build real relationships with the cast, meaning that you get the very best from them, every time. We’re excited to have the two different sides of Garrett casting working simultaneously with dynamic synergy meaning we can naturally intertwine whenever a project requires it.

As Garrett Casting continues to deliver flawless casting within the acting world, Relate Casting will be drawing from the real and authentic public from all over the world, meaning that, should the brief allow it or your imagination desire it, we can come up with whatever strategy suits you utilising both approaches.